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"The Cursed" is a very unique free realtime-strategy game based on the Spring engine. The game is about bones, undead, demons, space marines and magic settled in a futuristic environment. It is a fresh mixture of gameplay elements from many popular RTS games.

The game features two unique races: The Cursed - a faction combining undead and demonic creatures and the Imperial Guards - human forces with high-tech weapons and incredible firepower. Many units in game have unique abilities, like burrowing, rocket jumping, teleporting, transmutation and aura casting. You will experience a war that is fought with tanks, guns, space crafts, bone dragons, priest, demons, werewolf and angels. And last but not least, your heroes can turn the tide of war easily.

Join the community: Join the Discord channel or have a look in cursed sub-section of Spring Forums.

Install instructions

For Windows users: Just download and execute the Installer.

For Linux & Mac users and everyone unwilling to wait for a new installer version: you have to install the game manually (as I don't have any idea about
creating Linux or Mac installation files). First you need to install the
Spring Engine manually and then put the game content into the Spring\games directory. You'll also have to install maps manually.


cursed_1433.exe 386 MB

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